September/October 2017 – Vol. 30 No. 1



Celebrating Our 50th Anniversary

CSTA was first incorporated on January 3, 1964 as the California Science Teachers Association – Northern Section. On July 10, 1972, the Articles of Incorporation were amended to change the name to California Science Teachers Association. The charter directors listed on the original 1964 documents are: Gene Deady, Ralph Guyon, Bruce Henderson, Henry Nelson, and Eugene Roberts

Over our 50+ year history CSTA has seen many successes as a result of the hard work and dedication of its many volunteers and with the support of our membership. To honor the leaders of the past, CSTA has established a 50th Anniversary Fund to support leadership development programs to foster the CSTA volunteers and leaders of our next 50 years. Individuals who make a tax-deductible donation to CSTA of $50 or more will be sent a commemorative 50th Anniversary pin and will be recognized in California Classroom Science. Click to donate online today!

50th Anniversary Fund Donors

Patricia Caldera
Alan Colburn
Hilary Dito
Kathy DiRanna
Deb Farkas
Jill Grace
Pamela Harman
Lisa Hegdahl
Laura Henriques
Carolyn Holcroft
Valerie Joyner
Sharon King
Anne Maben
David Mathers
Pasquale Mazzulli
Melissa McAlexander
Kim Miller
Arline Milton
Zoncita Norman
Cynthia Pridmore
Rick Pomeroy
David Pummill
William Ritz
Jacqueline Rojas
Eugenie Scott
Kathy Spurrell
David Stronck
Teresa Thomas
Robert Victor
Greg Wuerfel

CSTA thanks you for your generous contribution.